Pycon2022 is alive!

Posted on Tue 08 November 2022 in conferences • Tagged with talks, pycon

Przedwczoraj zakończył się PyconPL 2022. Wspaniale że impreza jeszcze żyje. Co prawda jest to na razie cień tego PyconPL który pamiętam z roku 2018, ale i tak jest merytorycznie o wiele lepiej niż na fajnym przecież PyconCZ. No i dużo lepiej pod każdym względem niż na PyconFR 2019.

Szczególnie ciekawa …

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Micropython vs Dog

Posted on Sun 06 November 2022 in misc • Tagged with talks, pycon

Slides of my PyconPL 2022 talk is here (link)

IM diversity

Posted on Sun 07 February 2021 in misc • Tagged with modernity

10 years ago, we had one IM to rule them all. Now, to be in touch with my friends, I need to have such kaleidoscope on the desktop.

And I forgot about Viber :)


Proof of Concept

Posted on Mon 27 July 2020 in funny

Proof of Concept doesn't need to look well.


Is my ESP32 bricked again?

Posted on Sat 18 July 2020 in micropython • Tagged with IoT, micropython, python, esp32, minicom

I just returned to my IoT project. Pulled esp32 from box, connected with usb cable to raspberry pi, did minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB0 and .... nothing. No reaction to my input, help() doesn't work. No output.

Have I bricked another ESP32?

I thought so, then I started to play with options …

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Self contained Django, or Django like Flask

Posted on Thu 14 May 2020 in misc • Tagged with tipsNtricks, django, flask, pytest

Have you thought about spawning Django as easy as Flask?

Imagine that you have a library, which may have a feature that is usable in Django. How to test it?

99% of you would say - make a Django project, put test inside the project, and run django test.

I thought …

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Posted on Wed 01 April 2020 in improvements • Tagged with coronavirus, funny

Coronavirus or not - I need to do some sports.

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ESP32 for Pycopy (Pfalcon's Micropython)

Posted on Sat 29 June 2019 in micropython • Tagged with IoT, micropython, python

ESP32 for Pycopy (Pfalcon's Micropython) can be downloaded here.

More details

why I dropped pipenv in favor of homemade bash script?

Posted on Sat 18 May 2019 in misc

Long time ago ...

... i suffered from fact, that I'm not able to track my pip dependencies. pip freeze was not solution, because it attached lot of dependencies, which was broken in few months.

I dreamed about software, which will track my pip install commands, and will store key dependencies in …

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My new ESP32 is bricked?

Posted on Wed 17 April 2019 in micropython • Tagged with IoT, micropython, python, tipsNtricks

TL;DR: press 'boot' button when flashing ESP32. At least some of them.

I have connected newly bought ESP32 to usb cable and try to flash it with micropython image.

(micro) maho@dlaptop:~$ --port=/dev/ttyUSB0 erase_flash v2.6
Serial port /dev/ttyUSB0
Connecting........_____....._____ …

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